Sharing your story with the world has never been more important and impactful than it is today. Turning your business, your non-profit, or your community program into something which builds a tribe of passionate supporters can drastically alter the ways you make your mark on this planet.

Authentic storytelling, emotionally responsive branding, and strategic funneling are quickly becoming the most effective tools to spread your message. Emily can help you craft a plan to brand your vision and promote your services, leveraging the most important tools around. Don’t wait too long to tell your story, start sharing it with intention to exponentially grow your mission.

  • Market Research
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Strategy Creation
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • Campaign Management
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Copywriting & Digital Publishing

Build a robust BRANDING PLATFORM to more clearly and effectively connect with your TRIBE. Leverage technology to better engage customers while driving your MISSION.


Nothing truly great was ever achieved without some sort of plan in place.  The kinds of leaders and visionaries who accomplish extraordinary feats within their lifetime are the kinds of people who start first with an intelligent plan, and then they navigate the plan with creativity, resiliency, and courage.

All projects, regardless of size, require a distinct clarity and definition process. This process can then empower the leader of this project to make great strides to achieve their intended outcome. Emily is someone who has learned the inherent value in taking the time to become clear about the strategy, and then adjust that strategy as the work begins.

  • Marketing Campaign Strategies
  • Start-Up Launch Planning
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Programs
  • Non-Profit Restructuring
  • Non-Profit Product Launch Strategies
  • Online & Live Event Planning

Your STRATEGY is your most valuable asset. Work on crafting a COMPELLING message and strategically sharing it across high traffic PLATFORMS.


Every community has an underlying Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, simply because there always exists entrepreneurs and a pocket of a professionals who serve them. However, what differentiates the thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystems with the networks which purely exist is the depth of the relationships which build between the Business Owners and their surrounding communities.

Fostering a vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem requires more than people, resources, and programs….it requires a culture of innovation, a foundation of trust, and a network of passionate champions to lead the charge.

After working as both an Entrepreneur and a Resource Provider, Emily has seen the many ways that communities, both big and small, can come together to create an ecosystem which brings about phenomenal success.

  • Programmatic Models
  • Benchmarking & Metrics
  • Community Engagement
  • Economic Development through Entrepreneurship
  • Tech-Based Economies & Cultures of Innovation
  • Funding, Training & Technical Assistance

Communities of Innovation don’t happen by accident….foster a vibrant CULTURE of entrepreneurship, clear the CHANNELS towards growth, and OPEN DOORS to local Innovators.


The most powerful way to enliven projects and organizations is by intentionally bringing people together to grow ideas, enthusiasm, and engagement. Although planning and hosting events can be a large (and stressful!) undertaking, it can completely transform the work you are wanting to do.

Emily has been an Events Mastermind since the early 2000’s. She has witnessed first-hand the immense power which comes from convening individuals from all walks of life to direct focus, funding, and personal energy towards a certain topic. Over the years, Emily has used events as a mechanism to drive business momentum, professional development, fundraising, ideological discussion, and simply advance the dialogue around a specific topic. She has hosted multi-day conferences with 70+ speakers, intensive workshops, community retreats, and even invitation-only roundtable discussions. No matter the size, convening people will always bring BIG results!

Contact Emily if you’re looking for ideas or assistance around the following topics:

  • Webinars & Online Conferences
  • Large Expos or Conferences
  • Community Retreats & Workshops
  • Organizational Meetings
  • Private Roundtable Events
  • Professional Networking Events
  • Fundraising Events
  • Outdoor Festivals

Events are a POWERFUL way to share a message and expand a network. Let Emily help you become an industry leader, build momentum, and grow your TRIBE by hosting game-changing events.


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